Investment Process

Client Relationship Process

Our approach to client relationships comprises six distinct phases, which can be tailored to meet individual client needs and desired level of engagement.

This phase involves an introductory conversation or meeting to grasp the client’s expectations of Greenwich Wealth Management. Our aim is to ensure that our capabilities align with the client’s objectives and general compatibility. If there is mutual interest, internally we will define roles and structure our advisory team to effectively serve the client(s).

  • Investor Profile: We work to define the client’s investor profile, considering; risk tolerance and investment objectives, utilizing both subjective and objective data points.
  • Investment Review: For clients funding their account with existing investments, we review their statements to confirm our understanding of the agreed-upon investor profile.
  • Development: Following the statement and profile review, we craft recommendations and a plan to construct a portfolio that best aligns with the client’s objectives. This includes considerations for legacy investments, account types, time horizon, risk profile, investment concentrations, and goals. Planning elements beyond investment management are also integrated during this phase
  • Presentation: We present our portfolio construction plan, establish communication expectations, and agree on the desired levels of client engagement.
  • Refinement: We make necessary refinements based on client feedback and current market conditions.

During the initial execution period of the investment/financial plan, we communicate progress more frequently to ensure that the plan supports the client’s investor profile, goals, and expectations.

  • Monthly Reporting: By the 10th of each month, clients receive an email containing their statement, GWM-produced market commentary, and individualized commentary on their portfolio. This communication provides an opportunity for real-time feedback and helps us address any changes in directives.
  • Enhanced Communication: Client communication more frequent during market stress periods or as necessitated by significant relationship factors (e.g., client life changes).

The culmination of these phases results in a portfolio and plan designed to achieve the client’s objectives.

Introduction to Greenwich Wealth Management, LLC

Greenwich Wealth Management, LLC (GWM) was founded as a SEC-registered fee only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in 2006.  It has since grown from a single Advisor to eight with in-house operations and compliance staff and approximately +$2.0 billion in regulatory assets under management (RAUM).  The firm’s Advisors serve high net worth individuals, families, trusts, estates, endowments, charitable organizations, corporations, foundations and defined contribution and profit-sharing plans. We serve a national client base from our headquarters in Greenwich, CT and an additional office in West Palm Beach, FL.

As a boutique firm with reach and capabilities far larger than our size might suggest, GWM has none of the layers of personnel or bureaucracy that can come between an Advisor and his or her clients like at many larger firms.  Client needs are anticipated and met with only the highest levels of fiduciary attention, discretion, and integrity.  As clients’ lives evolve over time, creativity and flexibility allow the scope and depth of our services to be adjusted accordingly.  There is no one size fits all. Our clients gain from state-of-the-art technology, such as global electronic trading, sophisticated investment products and opportunities resulting from our relationships with large banks, brokers, and investment professionals around the world.

GWM advisors approach relationships as a collaborative process designed to explore the client’s assets and needs, GWM advisors work with their clients on a fee only basis.  This arrangement is transparent and covers all elements of the relationship, from investment management to coordinating work with outside professionals such as accountants and attorneys to help clients grasp of all the investment, accounting, tax, legal, inheritance and residence laws which might affect their financial picture. GWM does not have any internal products, soft-dollars arrangements or third-party relationships influencing the decisions our Advisors make on behalf of their clients, resulting in truly independent advice.

As of 12.31.2023 GWM has +2.0 billion in regulatory assets under management (RAUM) with approximately 225 relationships spread across +/- 400 unique account numbers. This concentration of assets allows us to devote the appropriate time required to custom tailor each account for the individual client while maintaining a high touch relationship.

We generally “actively manage, passive investments,” seeking to preserve and enhance wealth. Securities will be selected for inclusion within the client portfolio based on factors such as the risk tolerance/investor profile, liquidity needs, the adequacy of portfolio diversification, investment objectives and tax considerations. These portfolios typically are, broadly diversified with exposure across, market caps, regions, sectors, geographies, and asset classes. Additionally, we do not hire outside managers, use models, or have a predefined strategy which allows us to craft bespoke portfolios that support the client’s investment philosophies and principals including (ESG/SRI) concepts if desired. Furthermore, we can tailor strategies that fit within the context of any existing relationships or investments. Clients have the ability to dictate their level of involvement and participation with all aspects of the relationship including the construction and ongoing management of their portfolio.

Our bias towards a more passive results from the empirical data that shows single stock pickers fail to beat their stated benchmarks over short and long periods of time. The managers that do beat their benchmark during a given time period do so with extraordinarily little consistency or predictability. Alternatively, our strategies provide a more predictable return profile which will participate during periods of growth and seek to offer downside protection during when the market is selling off.

Our access to sophisticated tools, depth of market knowledge, and collective experience allowed us to be nimble and act quickly during the recent stress periods of Q4 of ‘18 or March, April of ’20, calendar year 2022 which helped our clients recover quickly and participate on the rebound. During last year’s volatile interest rate markets we were effectively able to position our clients to participate in the raise in short term rates and the subsequent Q4 sell off in long term yields.

*Clients will retain individual ownership of all securities and have the opportunity to place reasonable restrictions on the types of investments made.

GWM provides continuous advice to clients regarding the investment of client funds based on the individual needs of the client. In initial discussions, goals and objectives based on a client’s particular circumstances are established. These are then developed into a client’s investment guidelines at which point GWM executes and manages this portfolio based on these guidelines. During the initial investment period we are in close contact with our clients and on an ongoing basis our clients receive monthly emails with their statement attached commentary specific to their portfolio and general market commentary. These monthly emails provide insight into how we are viewing the current investment landscape. During times of market stress or uncertainty clients are communicated with more frequently. These touch points are a good opportunity for the clients to engage with us, but we are available for more regular contact as desired.

  • Ph.D in Finance, Virginia Tech
  • MBA NYU Stern School of Business
  • 2 Chartered Financial Analyst®
  • 1 Chartered SRI Counselor™
  • Ranked in Barron’s, Financial Times, and RIA Magazine for various Investment Advisor Surveys


Collectively the firm has over a century and a half of experience in the financial services industry, primarily in investment management/advice and trading.

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